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April 2021

My ace lead guitar student Connor S. has been performing solo sets at open mic night in Lone Tree.  

You've met Connor in previous newsletters.

Connor is 11 years old. He's been playing for about two and a half years. 

He has an incredible natural gift for music. He plays multiple instruments, including guitar, bass, and mandolin. He writes and records his own music.

Connor is one of the most talented and dedicated young musicians I have ever known.

Did I mention he's only 11?! 

Check out the video above of Connor's open mic set. I think you will be very impressed.

 To paraphrase Spinal Tap, this kid goes to 11!

Watch the video! Connor's solo set at Lincoln Station

Jakes GarageBand recording session

And finally... :) 

Attention: Some of you have not made your payment for the previous month.
So your payment is very much 
Please check your records and add that amount to this month's payment.

Open Mic Jams with Connor!

Something New 

April Lessons Schedule

5 Lessons ($125)



4 Lessons ($100)

Saturday  Sunday

Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday

The four songs on Jake's EP Nothing Is New:

1. I Hate You -

 (despite the title, I think it feels a bit like a love song)

2. Everything/Nothing is the Same

(written about the Covid isolation we all went through)

3. Empty Billboards

(a long road trip with the parents)

4. 1:11 


You can check out Jakes music here at this link:

​Jake G - Nothing Is New EP

It's available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Congratulations, Jake!

Jake's musical influences include Green Day, Waterparks, Modern Baseball, and Frank Iero. 

His music style could be classified as pop/punk or pop/rock.

Jake has been my student since 2017, when he showed up for what was supposed to be a quick lesson to learn how play a guitar riff for his "School of Rock: The Musical" audition. Jake has an extensive background in musical theater, but he did not know how to play guitar at the time. 

That first lesson sparked a musical journey of creativity for this talented young musician!

I'm really looking forward to meeting my jazzy new friend!

It's a George Benson signature model archtop jazz guitar made by Ibanez. 

It's actually still on backorder to due to transportation issues, but one will be shipped to me as soon as it arrives at the retailer..

These guitars are sold out across the entire internet.

I wonder if it was stuck on a boat in the Suez Canal...

I cannot wait to finally play it!

Guitar Student's Music on Spotify, Apple Music

In this Issue:

-  Student record release: original music streaming now

-  Student Rock Star goes solo at open mic night

-  A new Jazz box for the teacher

My guitar student Jake Getze is hoping his music will end up on your playlist.

Jake has recorded an EP of original music that is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. He records his music under the name Jake G.

Jake started his recording project last summer, using his Macbook and Apple's GarageBand recording software.

Using the process of multi-track recording, where a performer records each part of a song and layers them together, Jake was able to work as a one-man-band.

He sang all of the vocals and played all of the instruments on the recordings. He created the drum beats using his MIDI keyboard.