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Banjo Players will also need a set of picks for your thumb and two fingers. You can purchase these locally at Guitar Center. Get a plastic thumbpick (and a spare one too) and metal fingerpicks. Make sure you get a thumbpick that fits. There are several sizes (try it on)

The metal fingerpicks are adjustable.

Students who complete the Method books or more experienced new students are encouraged to work in the ROCK book. This book uses a fun methodology using famous rock licks and riffs to teach you how to read all manner of guitar tab symbols and techniques. 

Older beginning Ukulele students should use this method book. order here

Books and Resources

Beginning students will typically begin with the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Books. it is a three-book series that prepares you for the ROCK books or the Acoustic Method books. Some advanced students may be able to skip some or all of these books.

Consult with me first about which book you should be using. Younger children under 7 or 8 might be best to start with the "GUITAR FOR KIDS" book.


DO NOT come in for your lesson if you may be in any way CONTAGIOUS. Cold, Flu, fever, strep, stomach bug, etc. 

I would rather have you cancel, even at last minute, than come in and expose me to germs. I cannot afford to miss work because of any illness you might bring me. Thank you!

Students who come in sick anyway will risk being dropped from my teaching schedule.


Banjo Method

Required reading for all students/parents-- Make sure you read and understand the payment and attendance policy.

This is the book we use for beginning banjo students interested in learning Scruggs style  banjo techniques. Features chords, tab reading, rhythmic notation, picking rolls, and songs.


Park on the street.

Be careful not to block any neighboring driveways.

WATCH OUT for traffic as you exit your vehicle or cross street.


Intermediate students who wish to further their studies and skills on techniques specific to acoustic guitar should use the Hal Leonard ACOUSTIC guitar method.