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Some of you have not yet made your December Payment. Please check your records and make your payment today. Thank you.

Thank you for making your payment on time!

I hope you all had a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season. 

Here's wishing us all a very Happy New Year !

Hello 2021 !

January Newsletter

Lessons Payment is due the first week of each month. 

Please make your payment on time.
If you are renting an instrument from me please make that payment as well.

1. Pay with Zelle.  No-fee payment method offered by many banks. 

My Zelle payment ID is

2. Mail a check payable to SMOKY HILL MUSIC. Check the date. It's 2021 now.

5681 S. Versailles St.
Aurora, CO 80015

Please fill out the check properly, using dark ink and legible handwriting. 

I've had a lot of your checks lately refused by my bank for things like sparkly pink ink, (why??) and unreadable handwriting in the 'amount' areas. I use my mobile app to deposit checks, and it's very picky.

Please don't lick the envelope. 

You may also drop off a check in the box at my front door.

3. Paypal. No account necessary to pay with credit or debit card. click here to make an online payment

Lesson payment schedule for January:

Five lessons - $125




Four Lessons - $100