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Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele Lessons Aurora CO

Intermediate and advanced students use backing tracks such as this one I created for the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves."

Backing tracks in different styles help students practice rhythm and improvisation.

My guitar sound during lessons is processed by the Line6 Helix pedalboard.

It models the signature sound qualities of hundreds of classic amps, speakers, and effects. I love it! The Helix App gives me total control over all aspects of the tone, right on my computer.

The Revelator audio interface brings my guitar and voice into the computer using high-quality pre-amps and analog-to-digital converters. A custom audio streaming mix let's you hear the perfect blend of guitar, voice, and music tracks.

My online studio area was the in-person lesson studio for many years,

The lesson room walls are covered with lots of rock and roll memorabilia!

You can view multiple cameras simultaneously, even while the music is shown on the screen.

Fretboard camera close-up 

I use a multi-media teaching approach for your 'one-on-one' live lessons.

It includes multiple cameras and song chart displays that are shared full-screen with the student.

I have several cameras in operation during lessons, including:

1. a document camera for sharing tabs and other lesson material on paper

2.  a dedicated close-up camera to demonstrate finger placement and technique (shown below)

3. a close-up camera showing the picking hand position to demonstrate proper strumming and picking techniques. 

4. main camera view of the instructor 

I can share song charts and tablature full-screen to your zoom device, and make notes and highlight certain parts.

Zoom lessons at Smoky Hill Music feature a variety of technologies and proven methods to make your One-on-One live music lessons more fun, effective, and engaging. 

I have invested thousands of dollars and countless hours of effort into perfecting the online lessons set-up, and It has proven to be very effective for my students to learn and improve their skills.

I also use YouTube and Apple Music so the student can hear songs and examples of certain musical styles, bands, etc.

Students get a full screen view of the music. Lesson material and sheet music links are emailed after lesson for you to print and practice.

A studio-quality Audio-Technica condenser microphone picks up my voice during lessons. 

A closer look at the  online lessons live studio


PLEASE take a moment to the read the instructions at the link below. Parents, discuss these set-up instructions with your child.

Also- If you are using a phone for your lessons, please switch to a computer or tablet. A phone screen is too small.

Pay particular attention to camera angle, lighting, and audio instructions.

CLICK HERE for Online set-up instructions 

There is also another update available now for Zoom. There are some changes to the audio settings layout, as well as some new control settings. Also, If you update your operating system you will also need to update your Zoom software. Failure to do so may keep you from connecting to Zoom.

My online lessons studio is powered by this extremely powerful state-of-the-art computer which was custom built for me recently by my student Jake Williams.

Online Lessons at Smoky Hill Music are just as effective as in-person lessons.

All lessons are taught One-to-One, meaning there isn't an online class full of other students, just you and the instructor. 

The Zoom lessons studio