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​Offering a wide range of instrument repair services

Replace pot/jack $25 + cost of hardware

Replace switch $35 + cost of switch

Fret level and polish $125 - includes a Pro set-up.
Worn or low spots on frets are levelled, crowned and polished.

This can greatly improve intonation and playability.

Install replacement pickups:
(cost of pickups/hardware not included)
1 - $40
pair - $60
trio- $90

Complete electronics rewire: 

Install new tuners

Install new bridge/tailpiece
tremolo- $65
non-tremolo - $40

Replacement work - price does not include the cost of the hardware.

Extra charges will apply if body modification or drilling is necessary.
Extra charges will apply for electronics mods or repairs on acoustic guitars and semi-hollow electrics.

Some problems can be avoided with a little preventive maintenance.
*Keep your guitar clean, Wipe strings clean after use. Wipe sweat and crud off bridge, tailpiece, switches, tuners.

Use a soft cotton cloth like flannel or an old t-shirt.

*Avoid extreme changes in temperature or humidity. Guitars are made of wood, and they will expand and contract with heat and moisture.

****DO NOT leave your guitar in the car. Ever. Summer heat and Winter cold will do all sorts of nasty things to your guitar. The finish may crack. Glued joints may weaken.

Aurora, CO

~Replace strings (Special price- $20 includes strings)

~Replace/repair broken or faulty hardware and electronics

~Pro Set-up & intonation

~Fret Levelling

~Neck adjustments

~Upgrade electronics

The $75 PRO Set-Up!!
The most popular service we offer is a "pro set-up."
The wood in your guitar's body and neck reacts to seasonal changes in climate, temperature and humidity.

This can result in a big change in how well your guitar plays.
Necks can bow or straighten from climate effects, and this will result in buzzing strings, "high action" (strings are hard to press down), intonation problems, etc.
Set-up should also be performed if you decide to switch string gauges as this will also affect your intonation and action.
Even if you just got your guitar straight from the factory- or from a retailer- it may still need a set-up to suit 
your preferences and playing style.

Pro set-up for electric guitar ($75) includes:
     Change strings
     Set intonation (so your guitar plays in tune up and down the neck)
     Adjust string height at nut

         (most effective with bone or synthetic nuts. Hollow plastic nuts cannot usually be lowered much)
     Set action (height of strings above the frets- this affects how easy it is to play)
     Adjust truss rod
    Clean and polish frets
    Check for loose pots or connections
    Graphite lube in nut slots
    Set pickup height
    Balance tremolo
    Clean and oil fingerboard
   Clean and polish guitar