Smoky Hill Music

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele Lessons Aurora CO

This video features two of my students, Tyler R. on lead guitar and Nick S on bass during their middle school jazz concert.

“My son has been taking lessons through Smoky Hill Music for about 4 years. He loves the lessons and I am amazed at how well he plays now."- Donna S.

“He has an incredible gift with children, young adults and us older folks when extending his wealth of knowledge and love of music.” - Annette M.

Here is what parents and students are saying: 

"I can't put into words how thrilled I am with how you relate with my son. Your lessons are enjoyable, positive and challenging in a way that keeps him engaged and eager to learn more.  He looks forward to his weekly sessions with you, which is no small feat, especially for a young teen ...  Your musical talents are matched only by your ability to bring out the best qualities in your students. You have a rare and wonderful gift for teaching and communicating with a positive attitude that inspires your students to grow !"
- Cindy H.

" ... a genuinely nice person, very patient in his approach. He focuses on what your child's interests are. My son wanted to learn writing and theory, and that is what they concentrate on."  - Karin D.

"He personalizes the lessons to fit the student. He can take you in any direction you want to go with guitar, whether it's blues, heavy metal, or anything else you want to know. I went in the blues direction to start off with because rock & roll evolved from it.
I have learned more quickly with him than I thought was possible.. I'm now able to play tough finger-picking tunes like 'Dust in the Wind' and some fast guitar solos. Not only do you learn how to play the rhythm guitar, but also scales for making your own solos.
Overall, he is the teacher to go with because of his personal lessons and flexible schedule. Plus, he's got a real 'chill' attitude and is patient when you hit the wrong notes. I should know, I have done it too many times to count." - 
Dustin, age 15

"He is an awesome teacher. He lets me 
learn the songs I want to learn and he 
makes me CDs to listen to and help me 
practice." - Jenna, age 10

"As an older beginner, I was a little worried about starting lessons again .

He started from the beginning, saw what I could do, worked in a significant amount of guitar theory (he could see this was a way for me to make connections), and was able to work on songs I wanted to learn.  Before long, I could see I was going to be able to do more than simple chord strumming, which was my initial goal. I recommend Smoky Hill Music to students of any age who are looking to make their dream of learning guitar a reality."    Bill, age 41

“Fabulous guitar teacher for both kids and adults! He tailors the lessons to the students level and genre of interest. So great at stretching your ability just enough to build confidence as you learn.” -Randi W.


"I love playing different types of music. He has taught me many songs by different artists, like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and many more. He's a great teacher who focuses on what I want to play." - Dan, age 13

“Smoky Hill Music is an amazing school. I am a professional musician and play guitar and I can't say enough about him as an educator and musician. You are in great hands if you take lessons from Smoky Hill Music as he is professional, talented, and the kindest man I know.” - Carina Norlund

“Smoky Hill Music is a really wonderful school. My son started taking guitar lessons at SMoky Hill Music about 6 years ago (when he was 5) - and he hasn't put his guitar down since. My son is able to play and read music really well... Our family is so lucky and glad that we got involved with Smoky Hill Music!” - Kristin M.