Smoky Hill Music

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele Lessons Aurora CO

september 2021

Lessons Payment is due the first week of each month.

Some of you are LATE every month.
Please get on track with on-time payments.
September payment is past due NOW.
If you are renting an instrument from me please make that payment as well.

Payment options:
1. Pay with Zelle.  No-fee payment method offered by many banks. 
My Zelle payment ID is

2. Mail a check payable to SMOKY HILL MUSIC. 
Please fill out the check properly, using dark ink and legible handwriting. 
Please don't lick the envelope. 
You may also drop off a check in the box at my front door.

3. Paypal. No account necessary to pay with credit or debit card. click here to make an online payment  

When you click the link above to the Online Payment page : Don't forget to click REFRESH on your browser to see this month's payment info and schedule!

​​​​​Lesson payment schedule for September:

Five Lessons -$125-
Wednesday - Thursday

Four Lessons - $100
Friday -- Saturday - Sunday 
Monday - Tuesday

Attention: Some of you are consistently LATE with your payments.

Please remember to make your payment the FIRST week of each month.